SUpernatural Syracuse

Choose your own path to solve this Syracuse University mystery.

It's the start of Halloween weekend, and also the 30th anniversary of a student's mysterious disappearance. Paranormal activity has been reported near campus. And when you see a spirit fly overhead, you're determined to find out what's happening. Choose your path and see how your story unfolds!

By Max Antonucci and Seamus Kirst
Photos by Katy Beals and Chase Guttman

She’s still never been found.

It’s Friday afternoon, and you see the sun starting to set. The Quad is slowly being coated in an eerie, deep red glow. As you walk you see a discarded newspaper by your feet.

Halloween marks 30 year anniversary of lost SU student

Sally Eurydice was last seen at Split Rock Quarry

You ponder how this mystery comes around every year on campus without it ever getting solved. This year, it's only getting more attention because of the rumors of paranormal activity around Oakwood Cemetery. Students walking by have told you they hear a soft crying noise coming from somewhere. You’ve gone by yourself and could almost hear it, but weren’t sure if it was real.

You push the thought from your mind and keep walking. The Quad is surprisingly empty as the sky slowly darkens. You quickly pace across, since your friends are waiting for you on Marshall Street. But for some reason, curiosity about the missing girl and the strange whisperings stick in your head.

Was there something supernatural happening on campus?

Suddenly you hear a loud wailing. You turn and stare in shock. A bright light is shining from beyond the Mount, where Oakwood Cemetery is! The light pulsates in the dusky sky, as if it’s slowly inflating, and a loud wail tears across campus.

A blindingly bright ball of light shoots from the glowing area like a meteor. Shielding your face, you see it fly overhead and veer to the east. There’s another shriek, sounding more pained than the others, as it plummets down. The earth shakes as it lands somewhere near Thornden Park.

Was that...a ghost?

You stand, transfixed, as the sun continues to set. First the anniversary of a missing girl, weird activity from Oakwood Cemetery, and then a spirit flying toward Thornden Park. You can’t deny it any longer: Something is definitely brewing at Syracuse University tonight. You decide to get to the bottom of it.

After quickly texting your friends that you can’t meet them, you ponder your next move. Where should you investigate first? Your first thought is Thornden Park, where it looks like the spirit flew to. But with the supernatural activity at Oakwood Cemetery, there’s likely many clues there. Plus, if Sally’s disappearance 30 years ago is connected to all this, something could be at the Split Rock Quarry, which many people already say is haunted.

Around you there are shouts as everyone else who saw the spirit rushes outside. You want to solve this before anyone else, so you need to choose fast.

Which place do you investigate?

Oakwood Cemetery Thornden Park Split Rock Quarry

Where better to go than the source of the rumors? You run to Oakwood Cemetery, using all of your energy to outrun everyone else. Thankfully, most are chasing down the spirit at Thornden Park instead.

No one else is in sight at the cemetery. The sun has nearly set. Shadows of tombstones and shivering trees snake across the ground. The streetlights glow above, and you may be imagining it, but they seem much dimmer than usual.

You stop running and take a gulp of crisp, fall air. As you inhale a chill rushes down your spine. A whispering sound, the one people were saying they'd heard, is coming from behind you. You tell yourself to ignore it, but it continues, growing louder and sharper.

You look to the trees, assuming you’re mistaking the leaves blowing in the wind as the human voice, but the air is calm. You face the direction of the whispers. But your eyes catch something else. Deep in the darkness of the graveyard, a faint light glows in a different direction. You think one must lead to an answer, but can’t decide.

What do you do?

Follow the whispering Follow the faint light

This is where you saw the spirit fly to, so it’s the obvious place to investigate. Darkness is creeping across the sky as you stumble to the front of Thornden Park, panting. You saw everyone else running toward the graveyard, so you think there’s enough time to find the spirit before them.

You shudder as you walk down one a path toward the park’s center. You’re surrounded by shadows running and ducking behind the plants, knowing any one of them could be someone chasing after the spirit too. Or visiting the park for any number of unfriendly reasons.

Before you think any further, the second shocking sight of the night hits your eyes: the bright, glowing light is hovering inside the center gazebo. Except now it’s taken the form of a person.

The ghost looks male, maybe about 20 years old, his body surprisingly solid for a spirit. This takes you by surprise: You expected the ghost of Sally, the missing girl. Who is this?

What’s stranger is that he’s sitting in the middle of the floor sobbing. His shoulders hitch up and down, his wails interrupted by the occasional hiccup. As you approach him he barely notices you, even when you’re two feet away. Not knowing what to do, you decide to ask a question.

What do you ask?

'Why are you upset?' 'Who are you?'

You arrive breathless at the edge of Split Rock Quarry, a wide, rocky path sprawling out before you. It was a long trip on the bus, followed by a longer walk, but you finally made it. Despite all the creepy things at Oakwood Cemetery and Thornden Park, and how far away the quarry is, you think you should approach the mystery at its source: where Sally went missing.

Your footsteps make low, crunching sounds as you walk toward the quarry’s center. It’s gotten very late, and the whistling night wind sends a shiver down your spine. You recall that the Quarry has a long reputation in Syracuse of being haunted. As you walk into a wide clearing, you hope it’s not true.

The moonlight casts a dim glow around you, illuminating your search options. You see the rocky path along the side and a ragged stone doorway that leads to a tunnel on the left. There’s graffiti scrawled around the outside, with several swear words on a wooden plank overhead. As you contemplate your options, something catches your eye.

Up above you see a shining light. At first you think it’s a star, but it’s moving too fast. It’s the same ball of light you saw flying over main campus. Except now it’s headed straight toward you.

You hear a faint, angry wailing. The pebbles beneath your feet start to shake as it gets closer. This time the spirit is after you, and you can tell it’s angry. The search will have to wait. Right now you need to escape!

You see the stone doorway on your left and the rocky path on your right. Overhead, the angry yells are getting louder by the moment.

Which way do you go?

Run to the stone doorway Run down the rocky path

Bright lights are distracting, but the whispering sounds like something inhuman. The answer must lie there, so you fight your fear and walk toward it.

The whispering is getting louder. The words sound pained, almost like they’re yelling, and you can’t make them out. You quicken your pace. Then the noise suddenly stops. You come to an abrupt stop, not knowing where to go next.

To your right the dim light you saw earlier is getting brighter and illuminating the whole graveyard. The shadows of the tombstones dance as the light pulses.

To your left the ground begins to tremor. Your feet are shaking and you fear you might lose your balance if the tremors get stronger.

What do you do?

Follow the bright light Follow the tremors

The faint light is hypnotizing. You walk toward it as if in a trance.

You pass dozens of gravestones and realize the faint light is coming from a small forest in front of you. Small shafts of lights break through between the thick layers of trees, and you can’t see where exactly they’re coming from.

Your trance is broken by a wailing behind you. You freeze, unsure whether you should turn around or continue forward. The wailing is shocking and could very well be from a spirit, but you’re still curious about the light in the woods.

What do you?

Keep going into the woods Go toward the wailing

“Why are you upset?” you ask in a trembling voice.

His head shoots up to face you, looking angry for a split-second before grief takes hold of him again. His voice has a hollow echo, as if it'd been bouncing inside an empty body.

“I failed…” he said. “It was, no, she was, the most important thing to me, and I...I failed her. No matter what I did, I could’t do what she needed me to.”

The ghost let out several loud wails. Before he starts speaking again, you hear several faint voices in the distance getting closer.

“I’m horrible...I’m horrible since I couldn’t keep my promise,” he was saying. “Even though she was the most important part of my whole life…”

The ghost looks at you, sorrow etched in his young face, expecting a response.

What do you say next?

'You failed her?' 'Why was she so important?'

“Who are you?” You get right to the point. If this isn’t the ghost of Sally, then who is it? “What’s your name?”

The ghost turns away and sighs, like he feels unworthy to say it. You wait patiently until he looks back at you and speaks so softly you can barely hear.

“I’m Jack,” he says. “...Jack Orpheus. It’s the name she used to…”

He gets overwhelmed with emotion again, burying his head in his arms. After several minutes pass you realize you should ask something else.

What do you ask?

'Did you know Sally Eurydice?' 'Why are you a ghost?'

The stone doorway looks scary, but is the only option that gives any real cover. Whatever this spirit is, you’d be a sitting duck on an open path.

You dash toward the darkness, but before you enter there’s a loud booming noise behind you. You turn and see a large fog in the center of the quarry. A white figure slowly emerges hovering menacingly over the ground. You expected the ghost of Sally, but you stumble back in surprise.

The male! He’s in his early twenties with a menacing scowl, his eyes glinting dangerously in the night. He points a pair of clawed hands toward you.

“How dare you step foot here!” he yells. “Don’t you dare defile Sally’s memory tonight!”

You sprint into the tunnel. Shadows engulf your body as you stumble through the corridors, arms scraping against walls and cobwebs dancing around your head. Your mind is racing at the mention of Sally - What’s the connection?

A faint, sinister light starts shining behind you and you hear the ghost’s yells. The tunnel’s darkness gets even more suffocating as you try to escape.

A shaft of light illuminates the path ahead and you see a new hallway to the left. Not knowing where it goes, you debate turning down it to throw off the spirit. The screams behind you are getting louder.

What path do you take?

Turn down the new hallway Keep going straight

The stone doorway is too creepy and you don’t know what other horrors are inside. You decide to risk the rocky path.

As you run, you hear shrieks as the spirit approaches. You can feel it closing in on you. its glow illuminating the path ahead. You try to speed up without tripping over the rocks that litter the path.

Branches grab at your clothes and you fear each might be the twisted arm of the spirit finally catching you. Its wails grow louder and constantly sound right behind you.

After feeling like you’ve run half a mile, suddenly the shrieks stop and the glow of the spirit vanishes. You search the sky but its nowhere in sight.

You look further down the path and to one side see a tall metal structure. You debate between continuing down the path or using this structure as a hiding place.

What do you do?

Run toward the metal structure Keep going down the path

You follow the bright light. The tremors feel like an omen, a warning to get away. The bright light is a beacon you’d ignored before and decide to follow it now.

The tremors die as you move away and the bright light continues to grow. You begin running toward it, hoping to find the answers no one could locate before.

You suddenly stop dead in your tracks. The source of the light steps away from you and is not what you expected.

It is the spirit of a man. He is not like the human ghosts you’ve seen in movies. He is twisted and tortured. The air seems to lose all oxygen as the spirit begins to screech.

“HOW DARE YOU COME HERE!” he yells over and over.

“I’m sorry,” you whisper. “I’ll go right now!” You turn to move but can’t. You look up and the spirit's brutal face is grinning.

“I sensed you coming here,” he said. “So I came right back. You came to my burial place, and here you will stay.”

You try to run but your feet feel glued to the ground. You look down and nearly faint.

Your feet are grey and made of solid rock. The hardness is creeping up your legs and slowly turning your body to stone. The more you twist and panic, the faster it moves.

You open your mouth to scream, but nothing gets out before your head turns to stone. Your yell for help is trapped inside you forever and the world goes black.

Is this your fate?

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You follow the tremors. You feel like this is someone's, or something’s, way of beckoning you. There’s no reason to start following the light now.

The ground rumbles beneath your feet as you follow the vibrations. It almost looks like the gravestones may burst from the earth. You begin to run, fighting to keep from falling.

Suddenly much of the shaking stops. You look around, confused, and your eyes fall to the only gravestone nearby. It looks strangely isolated, and as you walk closer to it, the tremors get weaker. You reach out to touch it. Once your hand touches its cold surface, the vibrations stop.

You stare at the gravestones surface and are silently shocked by what it reads.


Jack Orpheus

Born: October 24, 1962

Died: April 5, 2014

"Sally, I have never forgotten you or stopped looking for you."

The two names spin around in your mind. You’ve never heard of this Jack before, but he was undeniably connected to Sally. You do the math in your head. He lived for about 30 years after Sally went missing...and died earlier this year.

He never stopped looking for her...had he spent all that time in Syracuse searching for her? How had he known her? Most importantly, what happened to her?

You feel uneasy. Something doesn’t feel right. You realize you need to find Jack’s spirit, but it then finds you.

You turn to run toward Thornden Park, but before you take three steps, a burst of cold air knocks into you. The gust pierces your head like an arrow before you scream and fall to the ground. You catch a glimpse of a young man's face, surrounded in a corona of light, before everything goes black.

“Where am I?” you ask yourself. It is dark, and you're in the middle of a graveyard.

The ground is still, and you look around. Next to you is a blank tombstone. You run a hand over the smooth surface, feeling a strange tingling in your fingertips.

You have no idea how you got there. You get to your feet and quickly head toward Comstock. But for some reason you feel you’re forgetting something important. Some questions you wanted answers to...

Unsettled business or not, this is creepy. You sprint back to campus.

The End...for now

You've done well, but the story behind Sally and Jack isn't quite finished yet.

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You’ve followed the light for so long, so you can’t stop now. The wailing has left you feeling unsettled, so you rush into the woods to get away from the source.

The light is right before you. You run toward it. Dead leaves crack beneath your feet as you run between the trees. It keeps getting brighter and brighter as you get closer, until...

Suddenly there is no light. A spirit lingers before you, looking like a young man, his mouth twisted into a wicked smile, like a cat catching a rat in its paws.

In a blend of confusion and fear, you scream and turn to run, thinking the spirit is hot on your trail.

You run for what feels like like hours, but the edge of the forest is nowhere in sight. This doesn't make sense. You’d only entered the woods a few minutes ago. There’s no way you’d still be inside.

You look around and realize you’re running past the same trees over and over. You turn to the right and the same trees pop up. You turn to the left and it happens again. In the air you hear the same whispers as before, except this time they're laughing slightly.

There is no way out.

Is this your fate?

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You face the wailing. You don’t see anything, but the sound is growing louder. As tempting as the light is, if there is a spirit here, you're better off following the crying sounds.

You run toward it, bumping into gravestones and tripping over roots that you're certain weren't there before. The ground before you seems to be getting darker, as though the grass were shrinking away, but you barely notice.

Suddenly the wailing stops. You stop running and scan the cemetery. You hear a slight crumbling sound and take a cautious step forward.

Your head rushes and you feel like you’re falling. Then you realize you are falling. The ground has given out beneath you. You hit the bottom of a hole with a painful thud, dirt scattering around you.

You realize you’re in a grave.

Dirt begins pouring in. You claw at the walls but can’t pull yourself up fast enough. You catch a glimpse of a spirit above, except it’s a young man, staring down at you angrily for trespassing.

Before you can scream for help, a wave of soil crashes over your head. Your entire body can't move. The last traces of light above slowly fade away beneath several feet of dark soil. Then all you see is black.

Is this your fate?

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“You failed her?” you ask, taking a step closer. You know he’s talking about Sally. You just need to see how they connect. “What did you do?”

The spirit’s face suddenly gets angry as he stands upright. His shoulders rack back in frustration, fists clenched tight.

“I let her down, that’s what!” he yells, swiping his hands uselessly through the gazebo walls. “We always helped each other when we needed to, and that was the one time I couldn’t help her! So because of me, today’s the day she wound up...she wound up…”

He lets out a terrible scream, as if the very air was breaking like glass. You stumble back and fall onto the ground. The spirit turns to you with endless grief and misery aimed in your direction. You try to crawl backwards, but stop as you see a rigid finger pointed at you. A harsh light is gathering around his body.

“Wait, please!” you shout at the spirit.

“No,” he says in a flat tone. “I can’t bear this pain any more. Not by myself…”

Before you say anything else, there’s a huge flash. You feel the feeling being pulled from your feet and legs. As you’re about to yell, the light swiftly drags the rest of the life from your body.

As a small, scared crowd arrives at Thornden Park, all they see is a tiny wisp of smoke shuddering in the air before a passing breeze extinguishes it.

Is this your fate?

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“Why was she so important?” you ask, hoping to keep the ghost talking. The spirit keeps sobbing, his eyes looking up as you take a step closer. “This girl you knew, why did she matter so much?”

“We were just…” the ghost says, his voice tapering off. “We were always there for each other, even when our lives were at their lowest points. That time in sophomore year, when her parents got divorced...we came here and she cried on my shoulder for hours. A few months after that, when my backpack and wallet got stolen, she listened to my furious ranting before dragging me to the police. That was actually here to, funnily enough…” The spirit gave a bittersweet laugh. “Sally...she was my best friend. And more.”

Your eyes widen at her name. You know it, the spirit knows Sally! They are connected!

“I can’t believe I lost her,” the spirit was still saying. “We knew each other for our whole time at Syracuse. We were friends for so long. Then there was that one night at the kissing bench and...and...just a few weeks after that, I failed her. She went missing and I couldn’t find her. No matter how long I looked.”

The spirit slowly drifted upwards until he was standing. His eyes are filled with an extreme weariness, but there’s a newfound glimmer in them. He faces you with open hands by his sides.

“But I still loved Sally for so long afterwards, maybe...maybe that’s enough for now. I could’ve done more, but...I could’ve done a lot less too. You think so?”

Caught off guard, you nod your head impulsively. “Yes, I think so too. You seem really loved her.”

“I always will,” the spirit says, looking upwards. You can see his frame starting to dim. The glimmer in his eyes glows brighter as his hair fades away. “Even after I’ll finally move on.”

“Wait!” you shout out to him. “Before you go, please tell me something! What’s your name?!”

He gives you a calm, knowing look before answering. “Jack,” he says. “Jack Orpheus.”

There’s another blinding flash that spreads across the park, and you don’t see the spirit fly away. He goes straight up into the clouds like a bolt of lightning, without a sound.

You find yourself sitting in Thornden Park. You don’t know how you got there. The last thing you remember was walking across the quad before seeing something strange. Everything is a blank after. But for whatever reason, you feel oddly happy.

There are loud voices coming toward you. You see several worried people approaching the park. You go to greet them, hoping for an explanation for how you got there.

But for some reason there’s a lingering feeling in the back of your mind. A curious part of you thinks you didn’t quite solve everything. That’s there’s more you need to discover...

You push it aside as you leave Thornden Park.

The End...for now

You've done well, but the story behind Sally and Jack isn't quite finished yet.

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“Did you know Sally Eurydice?” you ask. This ghost has been talking about losing a girl, so it could very well be Sally. You need to be certain of it.

At the mere mention of her name, Jack’s entire body shoots up. He floats menacingly in your direction.

“How do you know her name?” he asks in a voice layered with rage. “What makes you think you have the right to just say it?”

“It’s just…” you stammer, walking back. All of the sudden you feel threatened. You hear footsteps in the distance, but doubt they’ll arrive in time. “Just that...she’s been gone for 30 years, so I wanted to know if…”

“That’s all she is to you, some mystery?!” Jack shouts. “Some puzzle to be solved? And I’m just some witness to interview?! How DARE you!”

Jack points a finger at you. You try to run, but after three steps your legs suddenly stop moving. You look down and feel a surge of panic smash into your chest.

Your legs have turned to stone, and the rest of your body is quickly doing the same. You twist around, flailing your arms, but you only feel it happening faster. You soon feel your neck turn to solid rock and the sensation creeping under your chin. You try to scream.

As your world fades to black, a scared group of people arrive to investigate the bright light they saw earlier. All they see is a slight glimmer from the gazebo and a lifelike statue on the pathway, a terrified look etched on its face.

Is this your fate?

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“Why are you a ghost?” you ask him. While you’re curious about the connection to Sally’s disappearance, you’re more interested in why he’s back from the dead. Is he behind the weird cemetery activity too? “Do you have unfinished business?”

Jack gives out a startling yell, his eyes clenched with frustration. “Her!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. “She was my unfinished business! I loved her! And I couldn’t find her!”

His body curls into a tight ball and floats several feet higher, his screams piercing the night sky. The wails keep getting louder until you fall backwards on the path, holding your ears in agony. The light around his body is shines like a dying star about to implode.

“I couldn’t find you, Sally!” he yelled. “I couldn’t save you! I’m sorry!”

Your eyes are closed tight, so you don’t notice the ghost point an angry, clawlike hand toward you. You don’t see the jagged bolt of light. You don’t feel everything end.

Is this your fate?

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You take the risk, turning down the new hallway to lose your pursuer. This path is even darker and there’s more jagged rocks and debris around your feet.

Behind you the ghosts wails get fainter. You grin, knowing your gamble paid off. You slow down and pant heavily on the murky path. Your mind goes back to why you’re being chased by a male ghost. There must be a clue here about why it isn’t the ghost of Sally instead…

Suddenly you hear something that turns your blood cold. The wailing is getting louder again. The ghost was turning around.

You start sprinting, but in a matter of seconds you grind to a halt. In front of you is a dimly illuminated cement wall. A dead end. You look for a weak spot on the surface but can’t find a single one.

The wailing suddenly stops. You see the angry spirit several feet away, shoulders raised in anger. He raises his hands toward the ceiling and reveals a crooked grin.

“You seem so interested in someone who went missing here,” he says. “Let’s see how you like it...”

There’s a blinding flash. When you open your eyes, you’re in absolute darkness. You try to walk forward but bump against a new solid wall. Your try to find an opening, but it’s as solid as the other three around you. You’re completely trapped.

Your fists pound against each wall and you scream for help. But the sounds only echo endlessly in your prison. For hours. For days. For years.

Is this your fate?

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You don’t risk this new hallway. You sprint forward, putting as much distance between you and the spirit as you can.

However, your foot snags on a large stone, sending you tumbling along the ground. Your body bumps over several sharp rocks before you painfully settle against a stone wall. A sharp pain radiates through your left ankle. You try to stand but the pain gets so unbearable you fall back down with a cry.

You see the bright light rushing closer. You huddle against the wall and wait.

All you feel is frustration with your investigation ending this way. You punch the wall in anger. A jab of pain goes through your hand, but you also feel something else - a stone shifting slightly. You press against it and feel it slowly sliding in the wall. Is this...a way out?

The wails are getting louder by the second. Without thinking, you push as hard as you can. You feel it give way and suddenly fall down a hidden shaft. You quickly rush in, not knowing where it leads, as long as it means safety.

The fall is long, but the landing somehow doesn’t hurt much. You quickly pull yourself up, keeping the weight off your ankle. The way back is too high up to reach. You limp down the narrow path before you as fast as possible. You hear the yells and ominous light steadily getting closer.

Your shoulders scrape against the sharp walls since there’s barely any light to follow. You eventually stumble into a wide, underground opening. A small halo of light is filtering in from above. But there are no ways out. This path was a death trap from the very start.

Hopeless, you stumble to the center and fall on a slightly raised patch of earth. You wait for the ghost, and several seconds later he rushes through the passageway, stopping right before you. He wrings his hands and raises them into the air. You close your eyes and brace yourself.

But nothing happens. You open your eyes a crack and see the ghost’s face has become shocked, as though it had just...well, seen a ghost.

The ground beneath you suddenly vibrates. You look down at the raised patch of earth, scrambling away after seeing what the ghost had seen. It was starting to glow!

You both watch wordlessly as a hand rises from the ground. It’s not a zombie hand, but it is another ghost. The rest of its body slowly rises up. You see a girl’s face, and you immediately recognize it. It’s...her face! Her entire form is hovering before you both, smiling toward the male ghost.

“Sally,” the male ghost says, transparent tears forming around his eyes. “It’s you…”

“Yes,” she says, her voice wavering. “Thanks for never giving up on me, Jack.”

You simply gaze in amazement at the two ghosts before you, in a reunion that they'd been waiting forever for. Jack simply looks dumbfounded.

“How did you wind up here?” He manages to ask.

“I was chased here,” Sally says. Both of them were slowly drifting toward each other. “I was exploring on Halloween night, and suddenly...a group of people in masks tried to rob me. I ran here to try and get away, then I fell and found this secret passage. They never found me, thank goodness, but I also couldn’t escape after. The way out was too high up to escape to or for people to hear me. know the rest.”

“I spent years looking for you,” Jack says. “Even after I graduated, I stayed here and looked. For years. Up until my heart failed me this year and they buried me in Oakwood. I couldn’t rest until I know what happened. And now…”

The two lost souls touched hands and start giving off a blazing aura. They gravitated toward the top of the cave, and you barely see them as they both look to the sky. In a small supernova the whole cave is suddenly engulfed in bright light. You try to keep your eyes open...

...and with a slight thud, you land on a wooden bench in the quad. There are small groups of people around you, not paying you any attention. You look around but can’t see either Jack, Sally, or any bright lights.

You’re surprised to see your ankle has healed. You take a deep breath, gathering your scattered thoughts. You slowly step forward toward the center of the Quad.

No one is talking about the light from the cemetery or the ghost that flew to Thornden Park. While the memory of the two spirits reuniting is still vivid in your mind, you start to feel doubtful. Did it really happen? Was it...all just some kind of dream?

You’re about to resign yourself to this, but then you hear shouting. Several others are pointing to the sky. You look up, and suddenly smile.

Two pairs of light are flying overhead, gracefully like two shooting stars. They go over the entire campus, casting it in a faint glow, before finally fading away together.

You're solved SUpernatural Syracuse

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You decide to run toward the metal structure. Hopefully you can hide somewhere inside until you’re totally sure the spirit is gone.

You dash through the clearing toward the structure. It’s eerily quiet as you keep scanning the sky.

You walk under it and move toward the center, looking for a hiding place, when suddenly it starts to wobble. You stop dead in your tracks.

A glow is coming from behind it. The spirit is back, pushing the structure toward you as it lets off several loud creaks and moans in protest.

You turn to run, but the tower falls faster than you can get away. The pain hits you before you hear the crash. All you see is rusted metal clattering around you amidst a massive dust cloud. The structure nearly crushes your legs, pinning them to the ground. You can barely see past the twisted steel bars that now form a jagged cage around you.

The spirit flies away, its shrieks sounding strangely similar to a child’s giggling.

You call for help but no one nearby can hear you. You reach for your phone but only feel a pocket full of smashed circuits and wires.

All you can do is pray for someone to find you.

Is this your fate?

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The metal structure looks too dangerous for getting away from the spirit. You pick up your pace and keep running down the path.

The sky is still dark and the air is quiet. You begin to convince yourself that you’ve finally lost it. The path opens up and begins running along a ledge; the entire quarry lies beneath you. You’re careful not to get too close and keep running in the hopes of finding a street or house.

The ground begins to tremble. Suddenly you hear the shrieking again. You look into the sky and the ball of light is flying toward you, closer faster than before. You try to outrun it but feel a force slam into your side.

You're thrown uselessly into the air. You fly over the cliff and into the open abyss. The only thing you feel is the air rush from your lungs before everthing goes black.

Is this your fate?

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